iClone 7 Paid Upgrade

iClone 6 vs. iClone 7

Major FeaturesiClone 6 DX9iClone 6 DX11iClone 7 (DX11 Only)
EnvironmentiClone 6 DX9iClone 6 DX11iClone 7 (DX11 Only)
Director-oriented layout: Actor, Prop, Scene, Animation, SFX.VVV
Drag-n-Drop Creation & In-screen EditingVVV
Content & Scene ManagerVVV
Timeline EditingVVV
Content Manager - Search & Favorite DefinitionVVV
Dockable UI & Custom LayoutVVV
Enhanced Timeline:  Multiple Object Editing, Dope Sheet, Zoom ViewVVV
Real-time SmoothVV
Tessellation from DirectX11VV
Plug-in Structure & ExpansionVVV
Ultra-realistic Render via Indigo Plug-in Partial (Not support Particle, Tree, & Billboard)VV
VisualiClone 6 DX9iClone 6 DX11iClone 7 (DX11 Only)
PBR (Physical-based Rendering)  V
Real-time Global Illumination  V
IBL Animation & Bake HDR Images  V
Shadow Enhanced: * Darken Shadow on Shadow Map Strength * Casting Shadow on Invisible Mesh Plane * Shadow Only Lights  V
Actor CreationiClone 6 DX9iClone 6 DX11iClone 7 (DX11 Only)
Custom 3D Head from Photo (for G5 characters or below)VVV
Custom Cloth Design with CloneClothVVV
Character Morphing & DeformationVVV
Collision Shape Editing for Object InteractionVVV
Character GenerationG6 Character* (bone+morph)G6 Character* (bone+morph)  CC Character  (morph-based)G6 Character* (bone+morph)  CC Character  (morph-based)
AnimationiClone 6 DX9iClone 6 DX11iClone 7 (DX11 Only)
Pro Facial System for Face Puppet and Face Key Editor  V
Morph Animation Timeline Editing  V
HumanIK Motion EditingVVV
Audio Lip-syncVVV
Instant Motion Performance & PersonaVVV
Facial Motion PuppetVVV
Body Motion PuppetVVV
Transition Curve & Time WarpVVV
Save & Reuse Motions using MotionPlusVVV
Bullet Engine - Rigid Body / Soft Body / ConsraintV V
PhysX Engine - Rigid Body / Soft Cloth / ConstraintVVV
PhysX Engine - Object-Oriented ConstraintVVV
PhysX Engine - SoftCloth EditingVVV
PhysX Engine - Collision Shape Editing for CharacterVVV
Stage & FXiClone 6 DX9iClone 6 DX11iClone 7 (DX11 Only)
Natural Environment System:
Terrian, Water, Tree, Grass, Sky, Atmoshphere
Interactive Prop with LUA ScriptVVV
Prop PuppetVVV
Ambient Occlusion, HDR & IBLVVV
Toon Shader (Cel Shader)VVV
Particle FXVVV
Post FX: LUT Color Grading  V
Infinite number of light VV
Light Prop VV
Sky Tool (Smart Day Time Control System) VV
Substance Material (Dynamic Texture) EditingVVV
New SpeedTree: Wind, LOD & Content VarietySupport Old SpeedTreeVV
CameraiClone 6 DX9iClone 6 DX11iClone 7 (DX11 Only)
Real Camera System  V

Version History

v7.0 (7.0.0619.1) released on June 20th, 2017 - GRAND LAUNCH

iClone 7 brings with it a breakthrough in Visual Enhancements and Professional Animation, such as Physically-based Rendering (PBR), Global Illumination (GI), Real Camera System, Lookup Table (LUT), Custom Shader Technologies, Pro Facial Animation, Morph Animation, and more enhancements and bugs fixed.