iClone 6 is designed with DirectX 11 architecture in mind, and thus requires an up-to-date 3D gaming computer in order to make your animations fly. For this, iClone 6 highly utilizes GPU power for visual computation while requiring large video memory to hold all textures for sophisticated visual quality, in real-time. To keep your iClone running on your machine smoothly, there are 3 critical system specs you need to check first.

64 bit

Please make sure you are running iClone 6 on a 64 bit platform Windows 7 (with Service Pack 1) or Windows 8. iClone 6 only works for 64 bit Windows environment.

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DirectX 11 or 9

Obviously for this you would need a compatible machine that is capable of handling DirectX 11 rendering. For most computers with standalone GPUs released in the past two years, this should work. After the update v6.02, users can still use iClone 6 to play with most iClone 5 content by running iClone 6 under DirectX9 mode. This would entail limitations of certain DirectX 11 related features like Displacement, Real-time Smoothing, New SpeedTree, limited number of lighting, and partial Indigo support. Please check out the differences.

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Graphics Card

For your convenience we also have provided a list of suggested 3D graphics cards that should make your iClone 6 + Indigo rendering work without any major issues. NVIDIA and AMD series should prove useful. iClone 6 can work smoothly with almost all newer NVIDIA chips, however we found different behaviors from AMD series (eg. 5000, 6000, etc) that may cause some new drivers to not work properly. We are working on this. See the suggested graphics card list.

HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT GRAPHICS CARD > See the suggested card list >


Special Notice for Notebook Users:

If you are using a Notebook computer to run iClone 5 or iClone 6 then make sure that you follow this procedure to run your Independent GPU and VRAM with iClone. Please do not use the default Intel Integrated Graphics System. In addition, make sure that you set the power mode of your notebook to “High Performance” in order to achieve the best real-time frame rate.

How to Set Up an Independent GPU Mode >

More Solutions

If you still can't run iClone 6 smoothly, please check out the priority instructions, or contact Reallusion support for further assist.

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