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iClone 6.0 New Features

This time, iClone 6 is more than an animation production tool, as we've incorporated leading technologies such as Nvidia's PhysX, SpeedTree and Allegorithmic's Substance to produce stunning visual quality, in addition to superb render quality with Indigo RT. Throw in tessellation capabilities and a brand spankin' new PhysX physics engine, and you've got yourself a sweet iClone stew brewing. On top of that, a flexible new UI design allows you more freedom in customizing your workflow, and improves usability so it's easier for you to access those innovative new one-piece G6 characters, apply Substance materials, and whip up a forest with SpeedTree!

Ultra Realistic Render

A photo-realistic, cinematic look and feel in iClone is now a reality. Thanks to GPU accelerated raytracing render capabilities in Indigo RT, your characters, props, and scenes now look completely different from before. To streamline this unique workflow, Reallusion provides automatic shader mapping between iClone and Indigo. In addition, users can perform custom refinement using Indigo's unique shader options, or download Indigo's material library to achieve even better results. Skylight and emissive material settings ensure correct global illumination, and allow for realistic light behavior via reflection, refraction, transmittance, and caustic effects. Furthermore, the physical camera DOF and tone mapping system can be combined with excellent lighting and materials to create vivid and astounding story visuals like never before!
*NOTE: In order to work with this feature, the Indigo Render Plug-in is required.

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Real-time Surface Smoothing

As you may know, Reallusion is working hard on the development of iClone 6, and you might be wondering about what sort of astounding improvements it has in store. Reallusion is bringing you cutting-edge real-time visual technology in iClone 6 that can help to expand your production potential. We now introduce real-time surface smoothing, which essentially smoothes out the appearance of objects and characters in your scene so they look more detailed and of higher quality.

Tessellation from DirectX11

Tessellation allows you to add geometry details to any model and have it render in real-time via the addition of height and vector displacement maps. This is made possible via DirectX11 support within iClone 6.

3D Visuals from 2D Image Displacement Maps

In a real-time environment, it's difficult to create detailed surfaces without raising polygon count significantly. Thanks to tessellation technology, your GPU can dynamically generate mesh details by applying a displacement value from height or vector displacement maps. This means that you can physically manipulate the geometry of your low-poly model to give it a greater sense of depth and detail without increasing the polygon count.

Custom Gray Maps

Anyone can create monochrome image maps with popular image-editing tools such as Photoshop or GIMP. By using grayscale height maps, you can push and pull the surface of a 3D model to achieve the ideal look you desire.

Sculpting Highly Detailed Models with Vector Displacement

Vector displacement technology allows artists and developers to start off by creating detailed models in programs such as ZBrush, Mudbox, or 3D Coat, and then extract displacement maps to later be applied to a simple geometric shape. This process is ideal for real-time engines like iClone, and produce results that are incredibly similar to your actual model. One of the huge advantages of vector displacement is the ability to produce undercut details on your model. While height displacement simply stretches out geometry, vector displacement produces refined curves and edges, creating an unparalleled sense of detail to your model.

Soft Cloth

One of the long-anticipated features soft cloth in finally here with iClone 6. The animated character will look super natural with flowing hair, skirt and physical movement. No more penetration, the real-time simulation performance is much better using the new NVIDIA PhysX engine.

Weight Map for Smooth Transition

Soft cloth is an incredibly versatile feature that can be used for hanging, swaying, or rolling motions in your scene. You can use the gray map to determine which part of the cloth is controlled by cloth physics and which part is let free or governed by skin-bone control. We've also added wind behavior in order to make soft cloth self-animated, allowing for much more natural movement without external animation forces.

Natural Hair & Skirt Movements

Animated characters will now look incredibly realistic by incorporating flowing hair, skirts, and other physics-enabled objects to their bodies. The real-time simulation via NVIDIA's PhysX engine means no more penetration of physics objects into the body. You can even bake these simulated physics results and re-use the animations.

Collision Shape Editing

Characters models can now realistically interact with other physics objects in your scene. Simply select any body part and resize the graphic reference to match the desired collision area, then go wild with any number of interesting physics interactions.

Object-oriented Constraint

Previously, iClone allowed you to adjust constraint settings to simulate the dropping behavior of a rigid body object in a certain range or direction. However, all the connection settings were invisible, making it difficult to observe and modify. The new constraint gizmo tool in iClone 6 makes it a lot easier to design physics objects and clearly observe the relations between two separate objects.

Complete Light System

In previous versions of iClone, you needed to adjust lights separately from light props, which couldn't be attached and saved as single objects. In iClone 6, you can directly drag in a light prop to light up your scene. The brightness, color, and range of your light prop can be duplicated and reused in your projects with ease.

Infinite Lights

You can now add an infinite number of lights in your scene! This allows for endless combinations of more detailed and complex lighting schemes, both for interior and exterior use.

Light Props

We've thrown the light number limitations out the window. You can now be creative with developing your own lighting assets. Simply attach any light to your objects and start building your own custom light library.