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Real Movies Sets Vol 2

Real Movies Sets Vol 2

Author: NL2012
File size: 300MB
For IC: v5.5 or above
iContent List Price : $32

Pack Description

Dozens of props. Create your own ultra real and dark scifi movie with this set.

Just load the sets and replicate and / or detach from root. It will give your f.e. a long hallway or bridge.
Even when scaling the parts to huge proportions they will be good for close up shots.

All cascades have tiled textures so replicate and combine with the other sets in pack as much as you like.

Included are:

4 Height Map scifi terrains
Scifi construction set 1
Scifi construction set 2
Scifi construction set 3
Large Wall 1
Large Wall 2
Large Wall 3
Static Mech (under Repair)
APC with guns
APC Dropship

Stand alone sets are available in the Reallusion Marketplace


Pack includes

‧ 9Props (When detached over 30 props)
‧ 4Terrains (Heightmaps)



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