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PR5 Beast Motions

PR5 Beast Motions

Author: Vit3D
For IC: v5.22 or above
iContent List Price : $4.99

Pack Description

IMPORTANT: Motions in this pack was specially constructed for PR5 Beast character character and some of them can not fit to standard human characters.

This pack includes poses and small motion fragments which can be used for construction more complex motions:
- PR5MB_ARun - animal style run cycle;
- PR5MB_Run - human run cycle tuned for Beast character;
- PR5MB_Run_2_ARun - human run to animal run;
- PR5MB_ARun_2_Sit - animal run to animal sit;
- PR5MB_Sit_2_ARun - animal sit to animal run;
- PR5MB_Sit_2_Stand - animal sit to human stand;
- PR5MB_Stand_2_Run - human stand to human run;
- PR5MB_Stand_2_Sit - human stand to animal sit;
- PR5MB_Pose_Sit - animal style sit;
- PR5MB_Pose_Stand - stand pose (this pose is the same as Beast's default pose and have been included in this pack for free just as construction element).

For more information see also PR5 characters usage.


Pack includes

‧ 10Motions



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