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G5 HQ Heads for Chuck & Gwynn

G5 HQ Heads for Chuck & Gwynn

Author: Bigboss
File size: 143MB
For iClone 5.3 or above
iContent List Price : $29.95
Export Price(?) : $53.9

Pack Description

Bigboss G5 High Quality (HQ) Heads for iClone

Bigboss is proud to bring to the market a new generation of Genuine G5 Heads for iClone, i.e. a series of magnificent heads and complementary hair meshes derived from Singular Inversion's fantastic Facegen Tool and ported to iClone using a technology developed by and exclusive to Bigboss.

This pack includes a fantastic set of 24 G5 Faces with 28 different Facegen Hair styles (10 for Chuck and 18 for Gwynn) plus an exclusive Set of default Avatars for Gwynn and Chuck with have the famous "Bigboss Fix" for the Upper Skin texture to provide a seem less neckline when applying heads of different skin tones, a problem that exist on the default characters provided with the tool.

The 24 Faces are grouped into 4 Families (African, East Asian, European and South Asian) of 6 member each; 3 Males (Young, Middle Age, Old) plus 3 Females (Young, Middle Age, Old). All Faces in this pack are carefully skinned and textured to the finest details by Bigboss.

Bigboss's Exclusive Head Technology:

Male faces are ALL descendants of Chuck's Great Great Grand Father who established base in different countries of the world. Furthermore, Female faces are ALL descendants of Gwynn Great Great grandmother who married Chuck's descendent !!!

The Heads are fully compatible with the iClone G5 Standard. Furthermore, they are tested to work with Gwynn, Chuck as well as Dylan and Jana G3 Characters. They are fully compatible with ALL iClone Head Features including Facial Animation, imported CrazyTalk scripts (.CTS files) and are fully customizable via ALL standard iClone 5 head morph features.

Have fun!


Pack includes

‧ 28Heads



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