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G5 PR5MC HotShot

G5 PR5MC HotShot

File size: 11.9MB
For iClone 5.2 or above
iContent List Price : $2.95

Pack Description

Get into action! This style is designed spacifically for Vit3D's PR5MC Cloths. And created for use with PR5MC characters. This texture pack also included realistic cloth wrinkle maps for realistic looks.

*iClone 5.1 or above

Required Base:
PR5MC base model and PR5MC Cloth 1
*PR5MC_CL1 Upper4 (3 layer upper)
*PR5MC_CL1 Lower2

Note: PR5MC model has custom proportion. It's recommended to load any complete PR5MC character first and after this change cloths parts.


Pack includes

‧ 4Materials (3 Upper Material - 1 Lower Material)
* Not included in this pack:
  Gun Prop



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