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G5 Eddie Starter Pack

G5 Eddie Starter Pack

File size: 58.9MB
For IC: v5.5 or above
iContent List Price : $9.97

Pack Description

G5 Eddie is a new standard G5 character created by "talented Reallusion Certified Content Developer" Cellygon(Cypher Wolf). This starter pack includes the character's base model and sleeping wear. With 4 full avatar, 3 Upper,6 Lower and everything you see in the promo picture/video.

Since this is a standard G5 character, you can expect to do anything within iClone as you would with Reallusion's G5 Chuck. Interchangeable parts is strongly recommended with other G5 Eddie character/style from Cellygon. Interchangeable with other G5 character such as G5 Chuck is possible, but highly not recommended due to the different body shape.

This character was designed with the idea of being different with a semi-anime look.


Pack includes

‧ 4G5 Standard Characters (2 Cloth, 2 Textured)
‧ 3Upper Bodies (1 Cloth, 2 Textured)
‧ 6Lower Bodies (2 Cloth, 4 textured)
* Not included in this pack:
  Chuck character



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