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Author: Apparition/Alley
File size: 24.8MB
For iClone 5.23 or above
iContent List Price : $14.95

Pack Description

Introducing "Ghosts" by Apparition - Spooks with Physics

6 different ghosts for your Halloween/Horror movies. Perfect to compliment Haunted House by Warlord as shown in the video.

Ghost can be fully animated using the Facial Puppeteering as demonstrated in this video and video by Apparition. Use Transform keyframes to move your ghost around. Just load your scene, add the ghost, move the scrubber to the 100 frame mark and start your animation. Preview in Frame mode and render. See attached ReadMe for detailed instructions, but it is really very easy.

You can change the texture of the ghost sheet, play with the opacity and hue dials or even the size of the sheet. You can also make adjustments to the Face Skin, mouth, teeth, eyes, and throat. Change the opacity levels for different effects.

Warlord's Haunted House can be found in the City Marketplace in Prop Masters.


Pack includes

‧ 6G5 Standard Characters (Physics Enabled Ghosts)



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