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Meet The Beagles

Meet The Beagles

Author: Apparition/Alley
For IC: v5.5 or above
iContent List Price : $17.95

Pack Description

"The Beagles" by Apparition & Alley

"The Beagles" consist of 4 characters - Momma, Poppa, Baby and Plain Fur. The head is a high res G5 Head created by Apparition, and modified in zbrush by Alley.

Momma comes with a specially made Spring Skirt Accessory that can be used on other characters. Spring amount can be adjusted with the Mass/Bounce and Strength sliders. For exaggerated motions, skirt may have to be keyframed to keep position.

All have spring tails. These characters are extremely cute. I was inspired by our family pet, which is, of course, a beagle.


Pack includes

‧ 4G5 Standard Characters (Momma, Poppa, Baby, Fur)



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