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PR2M Summer Sport

PR2M Summer Sport

Author: Vit3D
File size: 51.1MB
For IC: v4.3 or above
iContent List Price : $18.95

Pack Description

This cloths designed for Photo Realistic 2 Male series (PR2-Male).
All items in this series have custom low-poly body models with hi-resolution photo-realistic textures, specially designed for close look in HD video production and they fully comparable with any standard G3 motions and G4 facial animations. Also You can use your favorite G4 faces with these models.
IMPORTANT: You are able to combine body parts from this series with standard G3 character's body (cloths) parts, but result can looks strange through specific muscular body shape.

What in pack:
Ready-to-use character - PR2-Male body model with Summer Sport cloths and Greg PR2 character head.
Head (Face) Skin layer - Diffuse and Normal bump maps 2048*2048
Body Skin layer - Diffuse and Normal bump maps (2048*2048 for Upper and Lower, 1024*1024 for Hands and Shoes)
Upper cloth (Tank Top) - Diffuse, Normal bump and Opacity maps 2048*2048, Specular map - 1024*1024
Lower cloth (Shorts) - Diffuse and Normal bump maps 2048*2048
Shoes cloth (Sport Boots) - Diffuse and Normal bump maps 2048*2048
Gloves (Wrist Bands) - Diffuse and Normal bump maps 1024*1024.


Pack includes

‧ 1G5 Standard Character
‧ 4Materials



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