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Pocket Pets Piggy (Facial Ready)

Pocket Pets Piggy (Facial Ready)

Author: 3D Universe
File size: 10.6MB
For iClone 5.4 or above
iContent List Price : $14.3
iContent Special Price : $10
Export Price(?) : $21.4
Export Special Price : $19.3

Pack Description

The adorable, Pocket Pets Collection from 3D Universe is now Facial Ready Character! Please check our video to see the facial expressions that this character can make.

Piggy is one of the human-like cartoon characters from the Pocket Pet Family. It is a non-standard character that you can apply any motion to or you can puppet his face to create facial expressions. The Pack includes 1 character – Piggy, and 2 accessories (Chef Hat, Spoon). The character's apron can be made transparent by adjusting the opacity value so that you can manipulate the character without any clothing.

This lovely cartoon character will be a great addition to your character library, get it today!


Pack includes

‧ 2Accessories (Chef hat; spoon)
‧ 1Non-Standard Human Character (Facial & Body Ready Character) (Piggy)



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