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The Sounds of War and Weapons

The Sounds of War and Weapons

Author: Partners In Rhyme, Inc.
File size: 86.9MB
For Audio Files
List Price : $14.95

Pack Description

Download this collection of 20 war, weapons and guns sound effects to use in your commercial or personal projects.

This collection includes:
AK47 click
AK47 Load
AK47 Shot 1
AK47 Shot 2
Dive Bomb 2
Dive Bomb Corsair
Fighter Plane Loop
Helicoptor Huey Flyby
Helicoptor Huey Hovering
Incoming Rocket
Squadron Flyby
Truck with Canon
WW1 Biplane Tailgunner
WW2 Battle Distant
WW2 Battle Intense
WWl BattleAmbience1
WWl Battlefield Ambience2
WWWll BattleAmbience


Pack includes

‧ 20Sound Effects (Full resolution 44k WAV files of real war, guns and weapons sound effects.)



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