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Impacts and Crashes 2

Impacts and Crashes 2

Author: Partners In Rhyme, Inc.
File size: 18.4MB
For Audio Files
List Price : $12.95

Pack Description

Download this collection of 18 destruction and impact sound effects to use in your commercial or personal projects.

This collections includes:
Desctruction 2
Hitting It Hard
Impact And Crumble
Impact Glass Scrape
Junk Drag
Knock It Down
Like Pulling Teeth
Metal Clang
Metal Destruction
Metal Waterfall
Plate Glass Gone
Pull It Out
Pull The Nail
Pulling It Down
Quiet Mayhem
Raining Debris
Ring The Bell
Scrape It Up
Screaming In Pain


Pack includes

‧ 18Sound Effects (Full resolution 44k WAV files of real Impact and Crashes sound effects.)



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