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G5 Texture - South Pacific Girls
South Pacific Girls
Author: Alley
For iClone 5.4 or above
iContent List Price : $6.95

Pack Description

"South Pacific Girls" for G5 Clone Cloth for Gwynn

3 Colour Variations of a Hawaiin type Hula Dancer, Pink, Green & Purple. These polynesian females could be found in Hawaii, Fiji or other tropical island. Wearing the traditional coconut top, and lei built into the cloth so as not to interfere with motions. Flower Crowns, along with Flower accessories for hair, wrist and ankle included. Wrist and ankle bracelet also.

Also included, a new unique face made especially for this G5 pack.

Bonus - Hula Motion, which is loopable, included. - See Video.


Pack includes

11Accessories  (3 crowns, 2 arm flowers, 3 Hair Flowers, 1 Bracelet, 1 Anklet, 1 Ankle Flower)


Required Base Model

E005 Gwynn_Upper_BodysuitE005 Gwynn_Lower_Skirt

G5 CloneCloth for Gwynn.

G5 CloneCloth for Gwynn


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