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Racetrack Jockeys

Racetrack Jockeys

Author: Alley
File size: 15.0MB
For iClone 5.13 or above
iContent List Price : $7.00

Pack Description

Set of 4 Jockeys dressed for the races - includes matching Material files for B049 Riding Cap by Reallusion - available in Marketplace for 100 points. 4 different Jersey uppers and matching goggles. Same lower and boots for all 4 jockeys. Faces will be available in a separate pack. Optional Pant Cuff accessories also included.


Pack includes

10Accessories  (4 goggles)


Required Base Model

E007 Chuck Lower CasualE007 Chuck Upper HoodieE007 Chuck Shoes Flat-Heel

G5 CloneCloth for Chuck.

G5 CloneCloth for Chuck


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