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G5 Texture - Pirates
Author: Alley
File size: 23.7MB
For iClone 5.13 or above
iContent List Price : $8.99

Pack Description

Pirates is a set of 4 characters from G5 Clone Cloth. Pack includes 1 each Male & Female pirate face, earring, lace cuffs, pirate patch, pirate hat, boot cuffs, flex waste ties, 2 retextured default hairs, 3 bracelets for female & a sword and pistol sourced in Google Warehouse.


Pack includes

19Accessories  (3 Bracelets@# 2 ties@# 2 Pirate Patches@# 2 Head Scarves@# 4 boot Flaps@# 2 lace cuffs@# 1 earring@# 1 pistol@# 1 sword@# 1 pirate hat )
2Heads  (Male Pirate@# Female Pirate)
2Hairs  (Retextured flex default hair)
10Materials  (4 Upper@# 4 Lower@# 2 Shoe)


Required Base Model

E005 Gwynn_Shoes_Flat-HeelsE005 Gwynn_Upper_BodysuitE005 Gwynn_Upper_OvercoatE005 Gwynn_Lower_SkirtE005 Gwynn_Lower_Tight

G5 CloneCloth for Gwynn.

E007 Chuck_Upper_OvercoatE007 Chuck_Lower_Skinny PantsE007 Chuck_Lower_TightE007 Chuck_Shoes_Flat-Sole

G5 CloneCloth for Chuck.

G5 CloneCloth for ChuckG5 CloneCloth for Gwynn


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