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Comic Character Specimen

Comic Character Specimen

Author: ET
File size: 12.6MB
For CT 6.0 only
iContent List Price : $14.95

Pack Description

You've never seen this before. . . simple pencil drawings brought to life by CrazyTalk.

For the very first time, a cartoon series created by one of our very own content artists; ET brings you these simple, American cartoon style characters with his experienced hands. They will definitely bring surprise and joy to you and your audience.

Put on different backgrounds such as papers, walls, signs, etc. You can create productions for different purposes. You can even put them on T-shirts or mugs and color the faces with any image editor. The possibilities are endless.

This pack is easy to use and can be used for almost anything, whether for video sharing, teaching or card production: show off your unique style. It’s a head-turner!


* Not included in this pack:



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